About Us

The Eco Vana is a manifested version of a Sustainable Planet for our future generations. We make every possible efforts to carve a Home and Fashion product having medicinal and health benefits, are soothing to skin and touch without harming the nature by sustaining its beauty.

This is the heart of everything we do.


 The Founder

"The Eco Vana" has been founded by Vatsala Verma, a Textile Designer from National Institute of Fashion Technology and a passionate Writer who seeks Nature in every aspect of her life. She believes that Nature has solutions for everything and adorning a compassionate and courageous heart can help each one of us understand the workings of the Universe. The design skills combined with the love for nature has helped her serve the Planet by founding ‘The Eco Vana’.

Being an ardent practitioner of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism and a disciple of Daisaku Ikeda, she  stepped forward by focusing on larger goals for Peace, Humanism and  Protection of Environment, felt an earnest need to change our daily lifestyle towards betterment of society

It takes just one individual to bring the change in the world. 

Let us become more compassionate and caring towards our Planet and each other.


 Meaning of "The Eco Vana"

Eco means Eco-Friendly and Vana is taken from the word, Nir’Vana’ meaning ‘fulfillment’. Moreover ‘Vana’ refers to ‘forest’ according to the Ramayana Chapter 2.28 in Hinduism. 

Our Story

The Eco Vana is an Eco-friendly and Sustainable brand that believes it is completely our responsibility to contribute towards happiness, peace of humankind and the protection of our Natural Habitat. 

Our motto is to bring humanity closer to nature and revive the original essence of making clothes. Only if we take care of nature, will it protect us and thereby reducing the amount of disasters in the world.

It takes just one individual to bring a change. 

During the olden times clothes were dyed naturally on natural/organic fabrics through flowers, leaves, vegetables, insects that did not polluted the environment in anyway and also protected the health of humanity. Everything changed when the invention of synthetic dyes happened and our garments became affordable. Scientists around the world began developing dyes from chemicals leading to environment pollution and human health hazards. 

The prints and textures on each product at The Eco Vana has been handmade with love from actual flowers, leaves found locally in the country, using the extracts of vegetables, kitchen waste, roots and other plants to give a new dimension by enhancing the overall look of the product along with its utility. The USP of our brand is that each product carved here is one of a kind and stands out from the rest. 

Fabrics and Dyes

We Handcraft our products by using natural fibers like Cotton, Linen, Silk, that are made by the weavers of India. These fabrics are made directly from nature and hence reducing the amount of synthetic fibers which takes hundreds of years to get decomposed in the ground as compared to natural fibers. Moreover, synthetic fabrics are also toxic to the human body, can give skin allergies and diseases.

We use ingredients like Beetroot, Madder, Moringa, herbs like turmeric to dye our fabrics. The fabrics are printed with utmost care with flowers and leaves so that the essence of nature is carried with love to our clients.