The Eco Vana is a manifested version of a Sustainable Planet for our future generations. By sustaining the beauty of nature, we seek to create a  product that is medicinally beneficial, soothing to the skin, and health enhancing.

This is the heart of everything we do.



"An aspiring textile designer from National Institute of Fashion Technology and an avid writer, Vatsala Verma founded "The Eco Vana" to explore Nature in all its forms. Having believed that Nature holds the capabilities of offering solutions for all of our needs, she feels that each of us can learn more about the workings of the Universe and protect Mother Earth if we possess a compassionate and courageous heart that has the ability to see the bigger picture. By combining her design talents with her love for nature, she launched the brand.

Let us become more compassionate and caring towards our Planet and each other.



The Eco Vana is an Eco-friendly brand providing naturally dyed and eco printed clothing to the society. Eco means Eco-Friendly and Vana is taken from the word, Nir’Vana’ meaning ‘fulfillment’. ‘Vana’ also refers to ‘forest’ according to the Ramayana Chapter 2.28 in Hinduism. 

Our motto is to bring humanity closer to nature and revive the original/ancient essence of making and wearing clothes. In ancient times, Linseed and cotton were the first materials humans used for clothing before dyeing. They wore the garments in their natural color, which was generally gray or white. Natural dyes were first developed after centuries of using these textiles when there was a greater need to distinguish between gender and class.

What is common in between plants, leaves, vegetables and insects other than they being the natural resource? These were used as colorants to dye clothes during the olden times. They did not polluted the environment in anyway and also protected the health of humanity.

During the advent of synthetic dyes, everything changed, though clothing became more affordable but highly toxic.  The heavy machineries involved in fabric printing leads to toxic gaseous emission polluting water and land too. The chemical dyes started developing leading to environment pollution and human health hazards.

It is just the right time for us manifest the ancient way of making clothes for the protection of environment and mankind..



Our brand was founded on the idea that it's possible to be both stylish and eco-friendly and hence all our designs are one of a kind, trendy, elegant and timeless. The prints and textures on each product at The Eco Vana is handmade with love from actual flowers, leaves, using the extracts of vegetables, kitchen waste, roots and other plants enhancing the overall look of the product along with its utility.

We handcraft our clothing using natural and organic fibers like cotton, linen, silk, bamboo, kala cotton etc. These fabrics are made directly from nature feeling comfortable and soft unlike synthetic fibers which take hundreds of years to break down in the ground and also lead to skin allergies.

We use natural, vegetable and insect dyes like Beetroot, Madder, Moringa, Red Sandalwood, Cochineal, herbs like turmeric to dye our fabrics. The fabrics are printed and dyed with utmost care carrying the essence of nature with love to our clients.

 Each product carved here is one of a kind standing out from the rest. By sustaining the beauty of nature, we seek to create a product that is also medicinally beneficial, soothing to the skin, and health enhancing. We look forward to help humanity make the way towards a more conscious lifestyle.


 It takes just one individual to bring the change in the world.